*Getting Started*

Welcome to Class

I'm glad you're here.  We'll be covering a lot over the next three weeks and this wiki will be a springboard and reference source for all the tools, strategies, and resources we'll use and discuss throughout the course.  To get started, please take the Opening Survey, then check out the video below.

Getting started with Edmodo                       History of this class                          Background on the instructor              

Things You'll Need

• A web enabled device (preferably a laptop)

• Google account

• Edmodo account and class code to be used for class discussions and polls (given on 1st day)

• Willingness to try new things & teach new ways

• A light sense of humor for my corny jokes.

Here's an overview of the class themes and what we'll cover in class.  For more details, check out the syllabus below.

Shrinking the Classroom

Class Shrinking

Two Birds with One Stone

Two Birds and One Stone

Using Student Centric Methods

Student Centric Teaching