The Beta Version

The first version of this class was actually a 1 class presentation to a group of Magis teachers in the summer of 2008.  I put this site together on Synthasite (now called Yola) and used it as a resource during the presentation.  

While many of the tools have been updated and others have gone away, the themes are quite similar to the class today.

Tech 586 was the first version of this class (3 credits) and debuted in the summer of 2009.  The class wiki was created on PBWorks - a wiki creation site I still like.  Students did not create their own webpages on Weebly or Yola, they did everything with the PB Works wiki or an edublogs blog.  We covered Google Docs and did a lot with student centric teaching, but there have been a lot more additions to the toolbox since that first class.

Tech 601 was the second version of this class and has resided on PB Works for the last two years.  Each year, I updated and rearranged the content.  At this point, I stopped having students create all their own content on the wiki, and had them start using their own webpage on weebly or yola.  This made designing a good looking website much easier and gave students more freedom with pages and layouts.

Tech 42s is the one-credit version of this class taught during the fall and spring semesters.  Since the time is short, we cover a lot less, but it has helped me tighten up some of the lessons that are in the 3-credit class.  The students do paired down versions of some of the same projects as 601.