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We started the Hangout with some conversation and review of Infographics that weren't recorded.  Due to some technical issues, the recorded Hangout has some  dead moments.  

For more direct tutorials, see below.

Okay - so this Hangout was pretty wretched.

You can scrub through the video for a few parts worth watching, but unless you were there - you probably won't get much from it.

Moral of the Story
Sometimes a new piece of tech blows up in your face.  It doesn't mean you give up on it - make some adjustments and try once more.

Alternatives to a Google+ Hangouts are Spreecast and uStream.  Both sites allow you to broadcast via webcam and Spreecast archives your webcast for free.  It can even include up to four other people on the chat.

What are they: Visual based explanations of data or concepts.  Also works well for timelines.

Create them with: Google Drawing,,, Prezi, Aviary, Knoema, Glogster infographic
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Bubble Charts

Good For: Creating graphic organizers quickly; Organizing information in a visual format

Create them with:, SpiderScribe, Popplet

Tips: To create a graphic organizer, just create blank bubbles or shapes and print them off for students. sample
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Video Creation

You might not know: You don't need a software program (iMovie, MovieMaker, etc.) to create movies.  There are plenty of options to create simple or complex movies and animation on the web.

Create them with: Xtranormal, GoAnimate, YouTube Editor, JellyCam (download)

This video was done by a student on my account before Xtranormal had student accounts.