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Google Apps

Calendars & Maps
• Never need to be replaced once they are on a site, auto-updated
• Can be shared and updated by many users at once
• Multiple users can edit and/or be given page-level permissions
 • Tied to everything in your google account
• Excellent choice for digital portfolios and group projects

• Upload from any device and have it online to share with students
• Integration with other apps in your google account
• Can be used with other sites to create content or order stills/posters
Goal: To create and utilize Google Apps for lessons and parent sharing/updates.

Assessement: 1. Create & share a calendar & map
2. Add photos to Picasaweb/Photos
3. Start a new page under the "Student Pages" of this wiki and add the following:

Google Doc, Presentation, Form, Calendar, Map, Picasa Slideshow, and 1 other item you choose
Student Google Maps and Sites Samples

Google Apps Stuff