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Managing Accounts

Goal: To create, manage, and use comma separated value (.csv) files to upload and download student records  

• Create a spreadsheet of student accounts that can be modified and uploaded to an educational website

CSVs are the ultimate way to kill two birds with one stone.  Instead of typing in individual student records every time you set up shop on a new site, upload an existing set of records in one click.

• Downloading records (in the form of CSVs allows you to move them between platforms and do in depth analysis on a variety of measures.

Comma Separated Value (CSV file) - The simplest form of organizing textual information on a computer.  These files can be read by most any computer based or cloud based spreadsheet or database program.

Downloading a CSV of grades from ThatQuiz

1. Select your class and click "Grades"

2. Click "Download CSV"

3. Upload to Google Drive by clicking the Upload button or by dragging it onto your document list in Google Drive (make sure that conversion is turned on when the dialogue box appears).

1. Create 3 new quizzes for a class you have on ThatQuiz
- Quizzes may only 5-10 questions
- Use the pre-made quizzes if possible

2. Create 2 new users in your ThatQuiz class
- name them Random User 1 and Random User 2
- set the password to edu601 for each user

3. Share the url of your ThatQuiz class on this spreadsheet

4. Access the quiz sites of at least two other 
classmates and take their tests.

That Quiz CSV