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Online Bookmarking

Goal: To bookmark, annotate, and share online resources in a cloud based system that allows for collaboration with others.

• Create a Diigo account
• Bookmark, tag, & describe 5 resources
• Annotate and highlight two pages
  1. Access from any device
  2. Easy to organize and search with the use of tags*.
  3. Items can be tagged with multiple labels**.  
  4. Highlight and leave notes, just like a textbook
  5. Share with students and collaborate with others

A good user name for ed. tech.

1. It is unique and unlikely to be taken on other sites

2. It can be easily added to in case it is taken

3. It is appropriate for classroom use

A good password for ed. tech

1. It is at least 8 characters long

2. It contains a number and/or capital lettters

3. It is not your email password

Wordle          Tagxedo         WordItOut            Blockposters

1. Tag Yourself: Choose 5-8 labels that describe you.  (Ex. for me - "science" "math" "civics" "dad" "husband" "geek" "runner")

2. Tagging vs. Folders

3. Usernames and Passwords

4. Diigo sign-up and exploration

5. Alternatives: Delicious, Evernote, Symbaloo, Bitly

*  tags = labels you attach to a resource when saving it


** multiple tags -  You find a nice site about genetics, you might tag it as "genetics" "biology" "traits" "Mendel" and any other labels that may apply.  it can now be found by searching for any of those labels