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 To create a Personal Learning Network of educators in your field of expertise.

• Create a starter list of blogs to follow in Reader

• View and explore a list of educational "Twitterers" locally and globally.

• Make a contribution to your PLN via Tweets or blog comments

• Professional development is an essential part of teaching and helps you stay on top of the latest advances in education, while also reminding you of tried and true techniques.

• Developing a Personal Learning Network makes PD easy.  Searching for useful sites and tools for every unit and subject you teach would take a long time, but a PLN can share or help you find resources much quicker.

• Technology changes rapidly and new tools are available all the time.  These tools can make your job easier and help your students make greater progress.

Personal Learning Network - A group of people whom you follow (virtually or in person) and share ideas about topics in your field.

Blogs - A nice source of information for extended stories or descriptions of sites.

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1. Click the "Subscribe" button above to subscribe the blogs in the list.   
2. Go to or choose "More" from the black ribbon that runs at the top of your google account and select reader.
3. Browse the blog posts from the blogs in the Blog Starter Kit

Twitter - Great source for short conversations (usually via hashtag) or for great links from educators in your field.

Hashtags (#) - a notation system used by Twitter users (and more) to denote a specific subject area.  Can also be used to hold a group conversation

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