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Sample Lessons

Goal: To create student centric lessons with measurable goals that can be authentically assessed

• Project 2
Coming out of college or graduate school, you're probably used to one style of teaching - sit 'n git.  You've watched a 100 PowerPoints, or maybe a professor got crazy and did a Prezi.  The bottom line is, while these methods can be effective, they aren't necessarily the best way for students to learn.  

Brain surgeons didn't learn their craft from a PowerPoint and students learn best by doing.

Period 1 - Algebra

SWBAT solve two-step equations (fast track)
SWBAT solve fraction based integer problems (slow track)

Activities - ThatQuiz opening starter, 10 marks two-step practice (high) Alt. = Khan Academy; Big white board (low)

Follow up = Whole class two-step equations with high group as helpers


Period 4 - Life Science

SWBAT describe how environmental changes affect evolution through natural selection.

Activities - Review natural selection and read about peppered moths, split groups -  half on peppered moth simulation and half on Darwin's beaks lab

Follow up = Lab report and reflection; Whale evolution and human evolution timeline

Period 5 -  6th Earth Science

 Presentation Tips (if you must)

• Use more pictures and less text

• Use one word or number and have students interpret the meaning (convergence test)

• Include activities within your presentation or group break offs

• Have students draw along and write captions to your slides

Period 3 - Physical Science

SWBAT analyze the range of human hearing.

Activities - Research on human hearing, Test with Audacity in class, Show students how to generate tones and have them practice, Set up lab report

Follow up = Using own devices or teacher supplied ipods, test 4 people at home, record their age and gender, in class analyze the results (see results here)

Period 7 -  7th Civics

3 Station Rotation

Period 8 - 8th Religion