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Study Tools

Goal: 1) To use online resources to create study materials for in-class and out-of-class study

• Create a list of 10 questions and answers using the following format:

• Upload your list to StudyStack, Quizlet, and ClassTools to create study packets

• Create weblists with MentorMob and of your study packets

Study Tools and Weblists


Study tools, such as the ones listed below, can be linked or embedded on a teacher website for easy access to students inside or outside  class - they can also be printed.  Once created, you can add/subtract terms each year and use them for a variety of activities.   They also provide audio/visual tools not available with traditional flashcards.

• Weblists provide an excellent way to organize a collection of websites for a unit or lesson into one place.  This keeps students on the pages you want them to see and can serve as an online textbook of resources for your area of study.

• Most study tool sites allow you to create study packets by using a Question(separator)Answer format.  You can create one list and upload it to multiple sites.  This allows you to provide different options to different students based on the activity. 

Look through each of the lists below for study packet examples.

MentorMob weblists allow you to add webpages, documents, videos, and quizzes to a single list.  The lists can be tagged, categorized, and embedded on other sites.  This makes searching for other weblists in your subject area very simple. allows you to add the same things as MentorMob, but does not include a quiz or embedding option. Constructing lists is a little quicker because you can add all your sites in one window.

Move Beyond Low Level Bloom Questions
• Most flashcard and game activities will be low on Bloom's Taxonomy by default - particularly if you are just doing definitions

• Try to create more situational questions like "Which group would prefer...? that require a higher level of examination

• Avoid using the exact questions from your review on your test