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Web Design

A good website allows you to significantly increase your productivity in the classroom with regard to technology integration.  You can post websites for your students to use, highlight student projects, and organize your own materials for student access.

Coding in HTML takes a while and Google Sites can be limiting in terms of embedding outside content.  The simplest way to make dynamic websites with a high degree of functionality is with drag and drop builders.  Sites like Weebly, Yola, and Wix allow you to design and maintain excellent websites without coding knowledge and a minimum of time.
Goal: To create a webpage and link and embed items that you have created on other sites.

Complete project 1
(rubric below)

Drag and Drop Builders

Weebly - Free with sub-domain, teacher accounts, sub-pages in the main menu, somewhat limited design themes (no colored tiles), best pricing for premium products

Yola - Free sub-domain, more design potential via colored tiles, no teacher accounts, no sub-pages on free accounts

Wix - HTML 5 editor (no flash), Best choice in terms of design options, free wix domain - full featured premium plans are pricey 
(Basic Wix Tutorial)

Embedding vs. Linking 

Linking - a hyperlink (underlined, clickable text) that takes you to another webpage.  
        • You can link words or web addresses, but you must highlight them and set the link in your editor
        • Look for this icon in your editor  link

Embedding - Putting content from another site directly onto your site - does not require you to leave your site to see it

The person below is an embed from Voki.  I created this avatar there, and embedded it here.  To embed something you must use HTML code
   HTML tags always begin with <...> and end with </...>       
                    (Example: <script>...</script>