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Web Design II

 Other Things to Add/Do to Your Site

A Blog - This makes it much easier to load items or information quickly without having to redesign a whole page.  It orders everything by date and keeps it in one place.  This keeps you from having to makes 100s of pages on your site.  You can use the built in weebly blog, a blogger blog, a wordpress blog, or an edublog.  I've tried them all and my favorite is wordpress.

Hide pages - If you're working on a page or don't want it to be in the main menu, check the "Hide Page..."  You can edit or make it visible in the menu later by going to the Pages tab, selecting the page and clicking Edit.

Sub-pages - Grab a page tile and pull it to the right to create subpages (see Homework in the picture below).  When you hover over the main page, it will display the subpages.  Be careful about going too far with the sub-pages.

Outside Link

More Outside

Outside links from the menu - If you have a site (like your blog or a school site) that you want to link to, you can link to outside sites in the Weebly menu.  Just add a page that links to an external site on the Pages tab.

Add a geo tracker to your website

(heavy on the processor)


Get your own domain

Use Weebly directly or buy from a place like

Domain names