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Wrap Up

You do not need to have students sign up for individual google accounts (though they may have one) if you want to use Google Docs with them.  Schools can sign up for Google Apps for Education.  It's a relatively simple process and is completely free.

Standard Google Account


• All the google tools available (Picasa, Blogger, Maps, Google+, Etc.)

• Requires individuals to sign-up

      - log in with any email

      - a google email will be the @gmail domain

• Full sharing permissions



Education Google Account

• Most google tools available (Google+ is not)

       - select which ones you want to turn on or off for students

       - create groups and turn features on or off for that group

• Batch upload student accounts

       - students do not sign up, administrator starts accounts individually or in bulk

       - administrator controls all user rights

       - email will be @your_schools_domain

• Special features

       - share something with the whole school and no one else

       - collect responders' names on google forms

       - add outside services to your google account like aviary, grading, and many more (when you save in those programs it saves into your docs account).

• Email filtering

       - Use Postini services to archive email

       - Automatic spam filtering and blacklisting

3 Things + 1 to Take From This Class

1. Make your activities student centric.  Use "high-tech" in conjunction with low-tech and no-tech methods to shrink your classroom.

2. Find the tech tools that work for you.  You can always refer back to your Diigo list or this site when you're looking for something new, but don't worry about using every tool you've collected.  Focus on the 2-3 that will have the most impact for you and your students.

3. Keep reading and Diigoing.  Check your Google Reader, follow people on Twitter, Email colleagues... Never stop sculpting your trade.


Try something new from time to time, fail, try again, fail, and then figure out how to make it awesome.